At MSL we offer a dealer authorized servicing procedure. Most owners prefer to take their cars to the main dealer to uphold their warranty.

However, we offer dealer authorized Servicing (Mercedes Benz), as such the same applies with ourselves. We have star diagnostics equipment and Daimler portal facilities.

Mercedes Benz Servicing

We have access to my Mercedes (Daimler) service portal. Assuring you that any work will be inline with manufacturer's recommendation. You can leave your car or wait while we work on your vehicle. We also conduct a check at the start with star diagnostics to find any issues you may have.

Mercedes Service, Star diagnostics, Daimler

We conduct a final check after every job to ensure that your car is road worthy.

The following services are also available:

  • Add fuel additive or screen wash additive
  • Vehicle reception protocol
  • Air filter element replacement
  • Change filter and oil
  • Brake test
  • Check lamps and trunk illumination function
  • Clean A/C system
  • Brake fluid level inspection
  • Tire inflation pressure adjustment and more!

We only use genuine parts and oil at our workshop. We also provide a written confirmation of the work performed. Call us today on 0121 752 5555. We are always happy to help.