At MSL Performance we have many years experience in the tuning industry, as such we specialize in custom ECU remap and dyno packages, furthermore all files are written in house and bespoke to each vehicle.

Although we specialize in Mercedes/German cars we also cater for most makes and models. As a result we offer various performance upgrades available in multiple stages.

MSL Performance are UK representatives for:

  • Eurocharged Performance
  • Innotech Performance Exhausts (IPE)
  • Weistec Engineering
  • Bilstein
  • KW Automotive
  • Kleemans

Whether you are looking for increased BHP, additional torque or improved fuel consumption, you can trust our team to cater to your needs. Our team of specialist tuners are equipped with the right technology and above all the knowledge/experience to tune your vehicle. We believe that every driver is unique therefore we consider your needs and driving style whilst tuning your vehicle.

WANT a Brand New feel

Live Mapping

With our on-site 4wd Dyno we are able to live map vehicles, this enables us to assess how the tune will respond on real road conditions and allows us to provide in-depth fine tuning resulting in a remap designed only for your vehicles ECU.

Our team can also optimise your vehicle’s hardware including cold air intakes and downpipes. We asses the vehicle for remap suitability prior to each job to make sure that every part in the vehicle works with no issues to give you the best driving experience. At MSL Performance we take into account our customers main goal for their vehicle and results they hope to achieve from a remap to deliver a product expected from a tuning specialist.

Why tune my vehicle?

Vehicles are made with the regional laws of their manufacturer in mind, as such, some vehicle owners are not able to enjoy their car’s full potential as they are under tuned from factory to account for the laws. A Remap for your vehicle is one of the best ways to solve this problem. Car tuning is not limited to one area.

We cover many aspects of the vehicle including the following:

  • Exhaust performance
  • Gearbox speed
  • Cooling systems
  • Exhausts and De-cats

Whether you have an older car or a brand new one, make sure to get in touch with us today to see how much a remap offers for your vehicle.