Porsche 911 Turbo/Turbo S (992.1) 2019 on DO88 Performance Intercooler Kit

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DO88 Performance at it's best - A true performance upgrade for the Porsche 911 (992) Turbo / Turbo S!


  • Porsche 911 (992.1) 2020 onwards Turbo / Turbo S models

If you ask us, this is as good as you can make an intercooler kit for this platform. No rock has been left unturned in our quest for maximum performance in any given section of the system. The starting point are the cores from renowned Garrett Motorsport, these are incredibly well-made with thin and stacked fins, exactly according to our specification in the management of cooling and airflow. The end tanks are made from thin, cast aluminium to keep the weight down and still utilise airflow. To accommodate the thicker core, we replace the air guides with carbon ducts made from the best quality! Additionally, to remove bottlenecks throughout the system, the intercooler connections are made bigger and come along with do88 silicone hoses designed with soft, sweeping bends. We have not made any sacrifice or compromise during this development – behold the results!

Key Details:

  • Colder inlet air temperature in the same conditions DO88 v (OEM) : 36°C / 96,8 F (48°C / 118,4 F). 12°C / (21,6 F) lower. See diagram.
  • More air to your engine, less back pressure and better airflow! Airflow at 0,125 bar / 1,81 psi pressure drop: 799 CFM (740 CFM), 8% higher! See diagram.
  • High-density, motorsport-grade Bar&Plate cores from Garrett.
  • 3D, freeform-designed cast end tanks.
  • Custom designed carbon fibre ambient air guides.
  • Comes with high quality silicone hoses and accessories for installation.
  • Meth bungs on the intercooler outlet tank (2x 1/8 NPT).


Earlier versions of the Porsche 911 Turbo have their intercoolers inside each rear fender, with a y-pipe uniting them both before the charge air reaches the inlet manifold. The 992 has a different set-up entirely. The intercooler and y-pipe are now combined to a unit that sits beneath the rear wing. The ambient air is pushed via channels from the rear window, into a scoop on the decklid, and onwards through the intercooler core for optimal heat transfer. Looking at the construction from the side, this configuration really makes more sense, but is also more demanding for us a performance cooling manufacturer. To be able to fit a core with greater volume and surface area, we had to develop new carbon ducts to allow the increase in thickness. We are very happy to have taken our carbon production to the next level with this product - the fitment and finish worthy of an icon like the 911!

Cores from Garrett:

The cores are Bar&Plate, made by renowned Garrett Motorsport Division. Quite frankly, they are as good as they get. Thin and stacked cooling fins give a dense construction, providing very efficient heat transfer. The core measures 105 mm (4”) and are exactly as thick as you possibly can make them for this application. The air is distributed to the entire core via free form-designed, cast end tanks. Designing these was a significant undertaking that concluded 3D-scanning, CFD-analysis and 3D-printing many times over until we had a finished prototype. We chose, as usual, to use cast end tanks as they allow shapes that CNC-machining cannot replicate, and to us function always conquers form. Maximum airflow supersedes the bling factor! The tanks are made with machined 70 mm (2,75”) connections to enable high outputs. To pair with these bigger connections, we also include silicone hoses. Both cores are united by a central outlet tank towards the inlet manifold, utilising machined connections and provision for meth bungs.

Ambient air guides made from carbon:

The air guides are made from vacuum infused, prepreg carbon and all pieces come with fastening grooves for the air channels just like the OE bits. As complex as the shapes are, we still guarantee perfect fitment!  They come with proper rubber seals where this is needed to prevent the cooling air to escape pass the core.


When it comes down to performance, the do88 intercoolers significantly reduce the intake temperature! In the results graph the difference towards the OE 992 units is presented. The data is collected with an AIM race logger under 4 consecutive runs in an immediate sequence on a closed airstrip. Full throttle accelerations between 50-250 km/h (30-155 mph) carried out in a Porsche 911 Turbo S (757 hp with updated software and exhaust). Hard braking, no cool down in between, just full pull hard five times. The rear wing was in its upper position all the time.

The test was conducted in the following manner:

Firstly, 4 runs were made with the car equipped with the 992 OE intercoolers. Stop, fast change of parts to the do88 intercoolers. Shakedown for a few minutes and then five runs made in the exact same way as with the OE parts. The decrease in inlet air temperature is significant, peak delta is 12°C (21,6 F). See the graph !

Cooling is important, and so is airflow. After many hours in the development, refining the end tanks and choosing a core to meet our demand, the result is an intercooler that is much more efficient in terms of heat transfer as well as airflow. Using our in-house flowbench, Superflow SF-1020 Probench, the airflow is verified for both the do88 intercoolers and the OE 992 units. What you see is what you get – true performance!

Please click here for installation instructions

Equivalent OEM Porsche part numbers: 992145805G, 992145816C, 992145817B, 992145928D, 992145927D, 992145737, 992145738 (for cross reference only)

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